Kingz Crown Competition Shorts XXL

699,00 kr
699,00 kr - 699,00 kr
699,00 kr
499,00 kr
499,00 kr - 499,00 kr
499,00 kr

Featuring the same updated cut and fabric as the Kingz Competition shorts, the Gradient Shorts sport a large faded Kingz crown on the right leg and the recognisable "KINGZ" wording faded down the left leg.

These shorts are a 90% Polyester 10% Spandex fabric, perfect for both day in day out rolling as well as competition.


  • 100% IBJJF Legal
  • Fully Sublimated Graphics
  • Elasticated Waist Band
  • Velco Strap
  • Internal Drawcord

NB: 1 stk igjen i str XXL